16 Creative Facebook Timelines

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The Best of Facebook Timeline

Unless you have been under a rock then I am sure you have heard about the NEW timeline. Some hate it and some love it and well… I would have to say that I actually like it. There was some really cool new features added with this last update but I would have to say the best feature of them all is the new background image. Even though this is just a background image for your profile, if done right then you can actually make a really great statement, piece of modern art or even charge for ad space.

Social Media is a big part in some of our lives as it allows us to connect with family, friends, co-workers and even current and prospective clients. The great thing about this new feature is that its your page and your page should be a way for you to express your self and now with the new timeline you can more so then ever.

Below are some great examples of how some people have taken advantage of the new Timeline feature. We really hope you enjoy the collection and if you spot any your self or even have one of your own then let us know so we can post it on here:

1- Aly Moffatt

Aly_Moffatt facebook page


2- Annalisa modotto

Anaalisa_Modotto facebook page


3- Antonio Fadda

Antonio_Fadda facebook page


4- Eduardo Calvo

Eduardo_Calco facebook page


5- Emanuel Bartolomucci

Emanuele_Bartolomucci facebook page


6-Fabio Marvilla

Fabio_Maravilla facebook page


7- Giuseppe Draicchio

Giuseppe_draicchio facebook page


8- Herb Cloutier

herb_cloutier facebook page


9- Ivan Marino

Ivan_Marino facebook page


10- Lanfranco Nantele

lanfranco_Nantele facebook page


11- Leo Lee

Leo_lee facebook page


12- Mohammad L. Azzam

Mohammad_azzam facebook page


13- Rodney Hess

rodney_hess facebook page


14- Sune Asler Miltersen

Sune miltersen facebook page


15- Sven De Bruyne

Sven Bruyne Facebook Page


16- Tom Lambie

Tom Lambie Facebook Page