18 productive Apps For The Busy Professional


Did you know there are a tons of Apps out there for the iPhone and iPad that pretty much let you do just about anything? The other day I was sitting at my desk thinking to myself how could I get better organized? Since my iPhone and iPad are always in arms reach I figured I would search for an app that would help me with this task and “WOW” who knew that there would be a gazillion app’s geared towards getting me organized.

2-billion-iphone-appsAfter a few hours of searching my iPad I was somewhat annoyed with what I found. Some Apps were overpriced, some promised more then what it could really deliver and well some crashed every time I tried to open it. I was going crazy trying to find “The perfect App”. While on my quest to find the best Apps for myself, I stumbled upon 18 App’s that I felt were perfect for the busy professional.

Time is money and we understand how important that is here at Smurk, so we hope these 18 Apps make your life a little easier:

**The information below is based from each App’s Itunes Profile page. This Blog is solely a review of the following Apps as my opinion of being the best productivity App’s for today’s professional.


#1 Thing’s – $9.99

The “Things” app is really a great all-in-one task manager. It helps you to be organized and focused on your daily tasks. Other types of to-do applications either appear too simple or are difficult to use.  The “Things” app offers the user an ideal balance between ease to use and extremely helpful features.

It takes very little effort to manage all your to-do notes, due dates, or other projects. This is a smart to-do list and the scheduling feature allows you to work as effectively as possible – every day.

The Bonus is you can even sync this wirelessly by simply using the desktop version of the “Things” app (which is sold separately) using Wi-Fi.

You can join the thousands of iPhone and iPod touch users who have made the “Things” App the most popular paid to-do task manager in the App Store


#2 Dragon Dictation – Free

The “Dragon Dictation” app is really a very easy-to-use voice recognition app powered by Dragon® NaturallySpeaking®. This application allows you to easily talk and then instantly see your text or email messages displayed. In fact, it’s actually up to five (5) times faster than typing on the keyboard by hand.

By using the “Dragon Dictation” application you can also dictate all your updates directly to your Social Networking sites (such as Facebook and Twitter) or send notes or personal reminders to yourself.  And you only need to use your voice.  So when you’re on-the-run, stop typing and start talking. You can do anything from short texts to longer email, and of course, everything in between.

Also the “Dragon Dictation” application can support other global languages. To obtain a current list of supported languages visit www.dragonmobileapps.com.


#3 Calculator For iPad – Free

The Calculator for iPad Free gives you a combination of a normal and scientific calculator for free!


  •  Advanced mathematical/scientific buttons in landscape view.
  • * Basic calculation buttons in portrait view.
  • * Calculate with degrees or radials.
  • * Percent button will behave just like the original calculator.
  • * Memory buttons will also behave just like the original calculator.
  • * Button sound is mutable
  • * Invisible backspace button by sliding/swiping the result screen with your finger.

This has got to be the best calculator for iPad. You will be simply amazed by the ease-of-use and great functionality of this application.


#4 Dropbox – Free

The “Dropbox” app is a free service that lets you take all your photos, videos and documents anywhere.  When you install “Dropbox” on to your computer, any file that you save to your “Dropbox” will automatically save to all your various computers, such as your iPhone and iPad and even to the “Dropbox” website! With the “Dropbox” app, you can simply take everything that matters to you anywhere you go.

You can read your documents, flip through your photos or view videos when you are anywhere. Save all your photos and videos to your “Dropbox” and then you can share them with friends in just a couple clicks. And even if you accidentally forget your iPhone and leave it behind, your stuff is always going to be safe on “Dropbox”.


  • Always have your stuff with you, no matter where you are.
  • Add files to “Favorites” for fast, offline viewing.
  • Easily save photos and videos to your Dropbox.
  • Share your photos and docs with family and friends.
  • Save email attachments straight to your Dropbox.


#5 FileMaker Go – $39.99

Now you can complete any task on your iPad with FileMaker Go. Maybe you need to close sales deals on the road, manage projects while out on location, organize your notes while traveling, or check on current inventory. You can manage all of these tasks while you’re on the road.

FileMaker Pro is the leading easy-to-use database software. You can use it to create custom solutions for your iPad. Then use the FileMakerGo to access these solutions on your iPad from anywhere. It allows you to easily search, view or edit your information. There are many useful features on FileMakerPro such as portals, tab controls, quick find, web viewers, FileMaker Charts and you’ll find that most scripts work the same as on FileMakerGo.

And the FileMakerGo also includes digital signature, this ability allows you to view and edit charts created with FileMakerPro 11, and it is also support for Air Print.  A feature found  in the latest iOS.


#6 Pages – $9.99

The “Pages” app is the most creative word processor you can find on a mobile device. This really powerful application has been exclusively designed for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. It allows you to view, create and edit documents wherever you happen to be. You use dictation in iOS 5 on your iPhone 4S to simply create and edit your documents. The “Pages” app works with iCloud, so all your documents stay up-dated automatically on all your iOS devices.


#7 Numbers – $9.99

The “Numbers” app is the most innovative spreadsheet app ever designed for any mobile device. This application was literally built from the ground up for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.  It allows you to make detailed spreadsheets in minutes (with charts, graphics, tables, and photos) by only using just your fingers. You can choose from over 250 easy-to-use functions. Simply enter your data and explore the results with steppers, sliders, pop-ups, and intelligent keyboards. The “Numbers” app works with iCloud, so your spreadsheets automatically stay up-to-date with all your iOS devices.


#8 Keynote- $9.99

The “Keynote” app is the most powerful presentation application ever designed for a mobile device. This was also built from the ground up for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. It can make creating a world-class presentation, along with animated charts, as simple as touching the screen. You would use the full-screen view and present right on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Or you can use the video mirroring to present it on an HDTV. It allows you to preview your slides and presentation notes on your device using the presenter display. The “Keynote” app works with iCloud, so your presentation will automatically stay up-dated across all your iOS devices.


#9 2do – $2.99

This app goes from a simple checklist to full-blown project management system. The“2Do” app is an incredibly powerful task manager that lets you focus on what’s always important. It’s simple and easy to use. No worries or frustration with this app. This is a stress-free way to organize your to-do-list that is easy to understand and use.


#10 LiveChat – Free

Take “LiveChat” anywhere you go and chat with your website visitors anytime you want!
You can rely on automatic & intelligent chat with you website visitors. It allows you to provide them with real-time customer support and you’ll never miss a sales opportunity again.
Interested in having a “LiveChat” license? Sign up for free 14 days trial directly from the app!


#11 Go to my PC -Free

If you “GoToMyPC” this is the secure, easy and fast way to instantly connect to your Mac or PC, with access to all of your programs, files, and networks. To use this free app, you must first have a “GoToMyPC” subscription or use the free 30-day trial.

#12 Box.net -Free

Size does matters: Get a FREE 50 GB lifetime account for file storage and sharing through Dec. 2, 2011. It’s easy to get your automatic upgrade, just download the “Box” app on your iPhone or iPad and register as a new user or sign in to your account.  The “Box” app provides simple, secure sharing from anywhere. It lets you easily store files online, send those big files fast, access content on-the-run, and collaborate with others. The “Box” app for the iPhone and iPad lets you:

  • View files directly on your iPhone and iPad
  • Share files easily with a link
  • Upload photos to your Box account (iPhones only)
  • Open files in other apps installed on your device, like Documents to Go and GoodReader (iPads only)
  • Secure content with file-level encryption, a four-digit passcode and automatic logout when the app is closed
  • Project files from Box to a TV, LCD monitor or projector via AV Out (iPads and iPhone 4S only); wirelessly stream content using AirPlay (iPad 2 and iPhone 4S only)
  • Wirelessly print to AirPrint-enabled printers (iPads only)

No wonder there are more than 7 million users (including 77% of the FORTUNE 500) who rely on “Box” app for simple and secure content sharing.

#13 Genius Scan- Free

The “Genius Scan” app turns your iPhone into a pocket scanner. It enables you to quickly scan documents from anywhere and email these document scans as JPEG or PDF.

The “Genius Scan” app has scanner technology which includes smart page detection, perspective correction, image post-processing. It allows you to build any PDF documents with multiple scans.

Still not convinced? “Genius Scan” has more than 2 million users. It has been in the top 10 apps and featured by Apple in almost all the App Stores in the world. And it has been chosen as App of the Week in Germany.


#14 intuit Go Payment – Free

With this app you can accept Credit Cards, at anytime and from anywhere. Use your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad to easily and securely accept credit card payments wherever your business takes you. No more missing sales until you get back to the office, or waiting for checks to clear the bank.  You will receive a free “Intuit” Credit Card reader when you sign up*.

*When you sign up from the GoPayment application, there is no monthly fee, no minimums, and you can cancel anytime.


#15 Cam Card -$6.99

The “CamCard”app is a fantastic business card reader with high recognition accuracy. You simply take a picture of any business card. With “CamCard” it recognizes the contact information and saves it Card Holder or iPhone Addressbook. Then you can easily manage and it allows you to make correspondence to all the contacts.


#16 Skype -Free

Skype” is one of those great App that helps connect you to those people most important. You can Instant Message people or Chat face to face or even make calls with the “Skype” app. The great thing about “skype” is that you can either pick from the pay as you go or have a monthly subscription if you plan to use it all the time.

#17 E-fax -free

The eFax® iOS Mobile App gives you the freedom to conduct business from anywhere or anytime. It is really an essential business tool for all types of professionals. The App includes the following fax and document management features:

  • Create and Send Faxes. Take photos of documents and the App will enhance the images, combine several pages, and fax them out – just like a mobile fax machine.
  • Search and View Faxes. Quickly search and view all your received faxes so you can act on important documents anywhere, anytime.
  • Use Cover Sheets and Contact Lists. Create customized fax cover sheets and use your iPhone contact list to populate them easily. You can now fax the cover sheet without an attachment as well.
  • Tag and Archive Faxes. Add search tags to individual faxes and archive them for convenient access later.
  • Forward as a Fax or Email. Easily forward your messages as faxes or emails to anyone.

To use the “eFax” iPhone App will require an “eFax” account.

#18 Doc’s 2 Go -$16.99

The “Documents to go” is a great App that allows you to stay in touch daily with what’s going on and up to date with all your important documents from anywhere. With “Documents to go” it allows you to create, view, edit, and sync various documents with ease from your mobile device.