4 Reasons to Use Facebook For Your Business

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So Facebook… I am sure you have heard about it, But do you really know why you should use it for your business?

I hear people talking about it all the time, Should Facebook just be for personal pleasure or integrated with my business? When it comes to Facebook you have people who easily see the value in it but then you also have people who struggle to see any value in Facebook or they are just intimidated with thinking about what all this Liking and Wall stuff has to do with their business.

There is no easier way to connect and interact with your clients or customers then through a Facebook fan page.
Facebook is all about building a community around your Brand or Company while establishing rapport. Now this is my opinion but I believe that Facebook fan pages are really vital for any business who wants to expand their online presence and be one step above their competition.

#1: Use Facebook to Brand your Company

Facebook can be a great for your business to generate brand awareness. Facebook is becoming popular amongst various age demographics and can be a great way to build a “Brand Community” of loyal followers.
Facebook is a great way to build relationships with your clients. People want to know when your next sale is or your next event or when something happens. Facebook fan pages give companies the opportunity to provide more information to prospects as well as customers about the products and services that you offer on a real time basis.
Many people don’t see the value in Facebook as they think there website works just fine. Well that may be the fact but a Facebook fan page can increases your exposure to a lot of people not just customers or prospects. Ill explain later but since Facebook is “Real Time” Web pages index social media sites more often then websites since the content is always changing. This real time data gives you the chance to introduce your business to future employees, vendors, and even customers who may be searching for something relevant.

#2: Facebook fan pages drive traffic

The one great thing about Facebook fan pages is that they drive great traffic to your site. The one thing Facebook has in common with many other social media sites is a spot for you to place your Web site address.
Like I said before, Facebook is always updating and getting traffic by millions of people each minute. By Listing your web page or even a great call to action on your fan page can easily increase your traffic. Getting even a small fraction of Facebook’s huge amount of daily traffic to your website could significantly improve the amount of qualified traffic visiting your site.

#3: Make SEO better

Organic SEO is what every website owner wants because its “FREE” and in step 2 we talked about linking your website to your Facebook fan page for this very reason. Social Media traffic is great for your websites SEO. By Linking your fan page and website you are creating links and valuable search engine content.
Just recently Google decided to change some things up on us and has changed 30% of its secret algorithm. Google main focus is geared towards relevant content and what is more relevant then real time news, post, and updates social media sites generate. Google is now indexing Social Media Traffic more than ever and this content can actually appear before your website in search engine results which is of course great for business.

#4: Customer Engagement

A Facebook Fan Page can provide your company with a “FREE” channel of communication between you and your customers. You can create a Facebook fan page within just a few minutes. Giving your Customers, Prospects, and Vendors another channel to interact and communicate with your team.
Your Prospects and customers will use your Facebook fan page as a place they can communicate with you. Within Facebook you have the “Wall”, the wall is a place your community can ask and answer questions, or even interact with you and one another.
By Building a Fan page for your company will give you a direct access to your fans. You will be able to interact with your fans (prospects or customers) by sending messages. You can either send an individual message or all at once to your fans. You can also target individuals or groups by country, town, sex, and even age range. Have an event and want to get the word out? Well, Facebook fan pages come with an event application that allows you to set up events, add details, invite, and monitor everything about the event directly through your page. The great benefit to this is you can track all your marketing efforts with Facebooks built in Analytics.