Best Prank Collection (Top 10) For The Office

Best office pranks

Best Pranks…Now It’s War!!!

Do you have an annoying boss you want to prank? Or is their a co-worker that deserves some payback?? No matter what the situation is office pranks can be hilarious but remember if you are going to prank someone be preferred for some retaliation.

So I was thinking I needed to come up with something to get my business partner since we are always messing with each other. I failed a few times with some past pranks so I turned to google for some inspiration and found 10 really creative office pranks. Check them out:


#1 Pac Man is Back.

#2 The Holidays Are Coming… So Let It Snow!!

#3 The Good Ol’ Where The &^$* Is My Door…

#4 Make It Rain…

#5 Balloons, Balloons, BALLOONS!!!

#6 Desk Sized Snow Globe…

#7 Foiled and Shredded…

#8 Scared Straight.

#9 Merry X-Mas Prank.

#10 Packaging Peanut Prank – Hilarious!!!