Hodads Rock Custom Converse

Hodads Converse

Working for a company that has the ability to print awesome, custom apparel, we definitely like to take advantage of that when we can.  Being able to show appreciation and love for some of our favorite local businesses is one way.  Smurk Creative has recently added custom footwear, such as Converse, to our repertoire.  So, being able to make some custom Chucks for our favorite San Diego burger joint was fun for us.  Based on their reaction, they really seemed to dig them too.

Custom Hodads ConverseWe printed up a custom pair of Converse shoes for Hodad’s of San Diego, California.  This favorite stop of Food Network’s popular Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives TV show, is a hugely popular burger spot that originated in Ocean Beach, San Diego and has expanded to locations in Downtown and Petco Park, home of the San Diego Padres.  Our fan footwear featured pictures of their famous double cheeseburger along with their tasty onion rings and fries.  The owner, Mike, or Boss Man, as he also goes by, along with his crew, were nice enough to let us come by and show him the new shoes we made for him.  Being a fan of Converse shoes himself, he was excited to see his logo and brand on his very own pair.

This was not only a unique way to show off our appreciation to our favorite restaurants, but it’s a great way for any business to show off their brand to the public, and in style I might add.  Custom t-shirts, hoodies, and polos are, and always have been, a great way to represent and promote your business.  Now, with the ability to print custom artwork directly onto footwear, flaunting your businesses name has been taken to the next level.  It’s always been a really fun, positive reaction when we show someone what their own custom shoes will look like.  Not once have we shown someone a pair and not received an enthusiastic response, yet alone a negative one.  It’s a stylish, comfortable way for employees to brandish the business name, a great way for die hard fans to show off and advertise their favorite companies, and definitely a unique, eye catching method to grab attention and really get people talking.

As we just mentioned, it’s a great idea for a business’ entire staff to wear.  Depending on the business, of course, I’m sure employees wouldn’t mind, and probably even prefer, to wear Converse shoes to work.  Have a marketing event coming up and want to stand out over your competition or just showcase your brand in a new way?  Why not some custom shoes?  Besides that, allowing customers to purchase their own pair can really start a buzz about the company and spread the name among the public.  Having a website link or a form on location for preorders is an easy way for customers to place their order, pay in advance, and not put any up-front costs onto the business.  There’s no need for inventory because every customer’s size is different.  Running social media campaigns promoting the sale of custom Converse also helps create awareness and interest in the new footwear, bringing in extra profits.

Now you can ask yourself if your business or your clients would love to see their designs and logos on their own custom footwear, and proudly walk around with their name on their feet.  Contact Smurk Creative or check out our site, www.smurkcreative.com, for more information.