Top 5 Ways A Business Can Turn Their Office Green


Green week”, I was curious to know what companies are doing to “Go Green”? I have been noticing that there are more business each day doing their part to Go Green by either commuting with co-workers or even cutting back on non recyclable material. Here at Smurk Creative we have done our part by Creating digital Catalogs vs Printed Catalogs and use Recycled and eco friendly products rather then non-recycled material amongst other things. The list continues to grow daily on the different ways a company can Go Green so we decided to put out The Top 5 Ways A Business Can Turn Their Office Green.
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  1. recycle greenGreen Stationery- Green stationery items is a more eco-friendly way to stock your office. Save Some trees and the next time you are headed to the supply store make sure you pick up 100% recycled products. Recyclable stationery is becoming an increasingly popular alternative in offices. Many Online and retail supply stores offer eco-friendly stationery solutions for your companies needs or you can go with the next option on our list which is to move into the Digital world.
  2. Go Digital- I get mixed reviews on this one, Some people tell me that there is no way for their company to go 100% “Green” and well to this day I still beg to differ. If you haven’t been asleep for the past few years then you would know that going digital can do wonders for your company.
    The great thing about going digital is that you don’t have to sit in traffic, waste gas, or fly to meetings anymore. Many companies are now conducting sales calls, virtual meeting and even company conferences via technology such as Skype. Are you still hauling around that big bulky planner? Well instead of wasting money on refill inserts for your planner, sticky notes and notepads, you can stay organized and plan your day with various productivity apps like 2Do and Things or even take down notes paper free with Dragon Dictation..
  3. Recycle- 
I am sure everyone has seen the blue bins in the office and well even though they are there people still have a hard time using them. Do you know why people have a hard time using them? From what I have heard its because people don’t know what they can and cant recycle which seems ridiculous but true. The best way to make sure your office starts recycling is by adding bins at every desk encouraging people to use them. If need be even add a simple sign listing items they can toss in the bin. Here is a simple list: Catalogs, Computer Paper, Plastic and Paper bags, Bottles, Boxes, etc. For a complete list of what you can and cant recycle check out Recycling List.
  4. Carpool- One of the best ways to literally “go” green is to consider having a company carpool. It has numerous benefits and has the biggest impact for going green. The great thing about carpooling is that you will be able to save fuel and help lessen the harmful toxins that get released into the environment. If carpooling isn’t your thing then you could always opt in for the idea of taking a train or a bus to work. Another great alternative would be to ride a bicycle or better yet, walk. Not only would you be saving money each month on your gas bill you would also be able to take advantage of getting a good workout in before work which is not only green but healthy.
  5. Power Saving Strategies-We all know that computers and office equipment can take up a nice chuck of our energy usage. Adopting a power saving strategy can reduce the electricity bill but also reduce the offices carbon footprint. Energy saving light bulbs are great and they have a longer life than incandescent bulbs and use around a fifth of the amount of energy compared to their counterparts. Another power saving strategy is to monitor the usage of office equipment. Many people forget to turn off their computers and leave them on stand by mode for convenience. By leaving office equipment on while not in use can create unwanted emissions. remember at the end of the day to fully Shut down your computer and other office devices that are not in use rather than hibernating or using stand-by options.

There are many other ways a company can “Go green” but this is a great list to get your company started. One of the best ways to ensure your company gets on the right track is by hiring an energy manager for the office. It may be beneficial to elect someone or even hire someone whose job is to set up office carpooling or keep track of office recycling and energy use. These are all great ideas but I know there are more options available so please comment and let us know how you and you’re company “Go Green”.