Top 9 App List for the Busy Professional

8 top apps for professionals

When it comes to the Apple iPad some may call it a glorified iPhone but some see it as another tool for their business. Many professionals favor the iPad over other tablets and I have personally been seeing iPads popping up in more and more businesses. Below is a list of the top 9 Apps that I feel are “Must Have” Apps for every Business Professional.

1. Dropbox – Free

The cool thing about Dropbox is that its a free service and allows you to bring everything in your life together. Dropbox allows you to bring all your photos, docs, and videos together from anywhere and from any device. Dropbox comes ready for your desktop as well as your mobile devices so after you install Dropbox on your computer, any file you save to your Dropbox will automatically save to all your computers, your iPhone and iPad and even the Dropbox website! Now this is awesome!!!

2. WordPress – Free

Are you a blogger?? Or Do you Have your site hosted through WordPress and need to update on the go?? Well, the WordPress App has been a life saver for us here at smurk since we are always trying to get our blogs up while on the go. It’s easy to manage your WordPress blog or site from your iPhone or even iPad device. Believe it or not you still have a lot of control through the WordPress App, you can moderate comments, create or edit posts and pages, and even add images or videos with ease.

3. Evernote -Free

Evernote turns your device into your personal assistant, Evernote is geared in helping you remember anything and everything that happens in your life. Evernote syncs easily from your device (iPhone, iPod, and iPad) to your Mac or PC. There are just so many reason why this made the list and well when I said this did everything I really Meant it. Some of the great features of Evernote are:
Create text, photo and audio notes

  • Auto-synchronize your notes to your Mac, PC, and Web
  • Magically makes text within snapshots searchable
  • Mark notes as “Favorite” for quick access
  • All notes include geo-location information for mapping and search

This is a great APP thats has helped out a lot when it comes to keeping me organized.

4. Skype- Free

Skype is a great App that helps connect you to whats most important in your life. Skype is great because you are able to use it to connect to family but you can also use it to connect with distant clients. With Skype you are able to Instant Message, Chat face to face or even make calls with the Skype app. The great thing about Skype is that you can either pick to pay as you go or have a monthly subscription (best is you plan to use it a lot).

5. Pay Pal -Free

The Great thing about the Pay Pal App is that it is free to download and makes paying for things and receiving funds easier than ever. The Pay Pal App allows you to send money to your friends and manage your account directly from the APP. Some of the great benefits of using the Pay Pal App is that its more convenient then ever to do what you need to do. Some of the Pay Pal App includes:

  • Sending money as gifts, collect money for a group gift, or repay a friend for FREE*
  • Check your balance, withdraw funds, or view past transactions – anytime, anywhere
  • Snap a photo of a check to add money directly from your iPhone, no fees apply
  • Create, track, and manage fundraising campaigns
  • Bump to exchange contacts and send money
  • As always, your information is secure with PayPal
  • It’s also free to send money within the US when you use Bank or Balance as a funding source.

6. Analytics HD

As a web designer this is a must have!!! Since I am usually always on the go but need to be up to date with my stats I knew this would be perfect for me. Analytics HD allows me to view charts and graphs like never before and the great thing about it I am able to bring them on the go.

Analytics HD brings all your important stats in a simple and efficient interface, Analytics HD is faster and easier than checking Google Analytics from your browser. The one thing that i like most about this App is the interface, it is very easy to use, intuitive, and elegant.

7. LinkedIn – Free

This is a great Social Media App that allows you to stay connected to your professional connections while on the go. Just like the online version you are able to:

  • Find and connect with more than 120 million professional world wide.
  • Read the latest news
  • Stay up to date with networking groups
  • Even share content with your network from anywhere

8. Quick Books- Free

We use Quickbooks for our Business and we absolutely love it here at Smurk Creative. I would have to say that the best thing about Quick Books is that it allows you to keep control of your business and clients. So what can you look forward to? Quick books has some great features that allow you to:

  • Create Invoices
  • Create and view estimates
  • Create sales receipts
  • Email Estimates
  • Email invoices
  • Email sales receipts
  • And Convert estimates into invoices

Another perk Intuit (Quickbooks Creator) has to offer is that its software uses the same encryption technology used by banks. This app is secure and has a lot to offer a business and that why we enjoy using them. If you are in need of an app that allows you to manage clients and keep control of your business at the same time then this app is for you.

9. TripIt- Free

TripIt is an easier way to organize and share travel. Tripit is a great app for travelers to get peace of mind while traveling, by having all your plans in one place.
“TripIt “automagically” takes all your trip details and creates one truly helpful itinerary that’s there when and where you need it – on your iPhone or iPad, sync’d with your calendar, and online at”- iTunes

The great thing about Tripit is that it allows you to keep everything in one place so you don’t waste your time searching, hunting, or pulling out hair trying to find important documents. With Tripit all you need to do is forward your trip confirmation directly to and it takes care of everything else. TripIt instantly recognizes reservations from 3,000+ booking sites including cruises, restaurants, concerts and more.

Tripit allows you to share trip plans directly with family and colleagues or even connect directly and share what you are doing with your twitter followers or Facebook fans. 

If you are needing more of a personal assistant when you travel you can always download TripIt Pro. For $49/year you can have Tripit Pro monitor your flights for potential airfare savings, and sends you status alerts and other helpful reminders while you’re traveling.
Over all this is a great app for the busy professional that travels.