What is Google TrustRank?

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Step 3: What is Google TrustRank? 

Google trust rank is a term that is used to describe how Google ranks your site. I have been reading a lot about Google and how it works. Google has mixed things up once again in the SEO community by rolling out TrustRank, which is really just a spin off of Google’s PageRank.

There are always heated debates in the SEO community about what works and what doesn’t work or how one SERP (Search Engine Result Page) ranks against another. SEO specialist are always trying to out smart or even just try to keep up with Google and over the years there have been loopholes found. In this last update Google decided to mix things up and introduce TrustRank which is a way to eliminate some of those loopholes and keep things a little more relevant for the end user.

So how dose Google TrustRank work and what exactly dose it do for your website? SEO’s are always watching Google and trying to figure out what they are doing and how they can rank higher. SEO is really a science and it takes time to understand what works and what doesn’t as every websites is different. Before the last update SEO’s would be swapping links back and forth with web-masters just to gain higher rankings. Websites would get ranked by the amount of links they had on their website until recently Google started to catch on so they tightened things up a bit. Google’s last update has been forcing SEO’s and web masters from swapping links and has encouraged them to gain one way links from trusted sites as a way to promote their site.

TrustRank takes PageRank to another level by only allowing authoritative and relevant links account for a websites PageRank. PageRank is assigned to your site based on the number of incoming links pointing to your site. If you have the PageRank toolbar installed on your web browser you can see the value assigned to all sites that Google has indexed. What dose this mean? Well, if your site is about Health and Fitness then links from other authoritative Health and Fitness sites will help your site rank higher than with links from a pet store would.

I really like this and I think this was a good thing to implement. Google’s Algorithm has changed by 30% and geared towards more relevant and up to date information. Since the SEO industry is always changing I am always open to opinions and views so please comment below…